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Politics and organisation


Norsjö municipality date back to the 15th century. Hunting, fishing and agriculture were the livelihood activities of the first settlers. Today Norsjö has a large portion of its employment in industry and tourism.

The municipality is a democratically controlled organization led by the municipal council. The main responsibility lies with the elected politicians.

The City Council is the municipality's highest decision-making body and is sometimes referred to as "the municipality's parliament". The General Council draws up the goals for what is to be achieved within the operations. It is for the municipal council that we elect members at the elections every four years. The council of Norsjö municipality has 31 members.

Norsjö municipality employees perform what the elected politicians have decided on. We make sure that the daily work works out in the businesses, such as schools, elderly homes, libraries and sewage treatment plants.

Norsjö municipality is a management with three areas of activity: education, care and municipal development.

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Norsjö municipality

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