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Hiking trails

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In Norsjö municipality there are plenty of scenic areas where you can hike. Below you will find a few examples of which hiking trails are available.


Already in the 16th century, the first "Norsjö Trail" was trampled by
coastal residents when they made their way to their fishing swamps in the Norsjö area. The same paths were used by the settlers when they went to church in Skellefteå to fulfill their church duty and bury their dead in consecrated land.

Welcome to a historical journey on foot, horse or bike from Bastuträsk to Kläppen via Långträsk, Kvavisträsk and Bodberg.



There are routes that have been used all the way back to the 20th century. One is

Flour road. It was widely used by the peasants, "Snallarna", when they transported goods between inland and coast. Events during the trips have given names to places along the trail.
If you are looking for contemporary history in both a beautiful forest landscape and among buildings, you can hike or cycle along this route from Bastuträsk to Åmliden within Norsjö municipality.




Scenic Norakammen is the fairway for those who want to experience a spectacular landscape, shaped by the latest ice cap. You can still see clear traces of the ice that covered almost all of Sweden 10,000 years ago. The first people who traveled through our landscape followed the high pebble cliffs during the summer months.
Follow the ridges that wander between waterways from Långträsk to Kvavisträsk via Böle.


The municipality's newest hiking trail takes you around the nature reserve Vajsjön. A total distance of about 11 km. The start is found at the bird tower at Vajsjön. Well signposted around the entire stretch. At Vajsjön there is a rich bird life and hence there is a bird tower that gives you the opportunity to gaze out over the beautiful lake. At Vajsjön there are benches and barbecue for those who want to relax and enjoy the tranquility. In the vicinity of Vajsjön there is also a floodlight track, a sledding slope (Mollvingsbacken).
Here you will find a map of hiking trail around Vajsjön (click on the picture to download it as a pdf)
At Norsjö Tourist Information Centre you will also find the book Vajsjön by Henning Grahn. Why not bring it out, to read, learn and enjoy the beautiful scenery?

Svansele dams
Svansele dams is one of Norsjö municipality's beautiful nature reserves. Here, fishing, bird watching and even a short walk up to the short cave of about 1.5km are possible.

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