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Starting a business

Starting a business or have an idea. If you have an idea on a new product or service but do not know how to proceed or if you have a business idea that you want to try, you are most welcome to contact the Tillväxt department.

We offer free start-up advice & innovation advice within:  Business plan- Create business plan with easier market analysis & sales plan

Budget- Keeps my business concept

Guidance for seeking the 6-month start-up financial support via the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsformedling).

Easier guidance on patents and design protection applications, find your team of skills to try and develop your innovation. Support and assistance regarding patents / design protection and intangible assets can also be found at PRV.

When starting a business, you can find helpful information at Verksamt.se.There you can find a lot of information about entrepreneurship and you can also register your company at the tax office and the Swedish Companies Act. https://www.verksamt.se/en/web/international

If you are thinking of starting a social company, then you can also contact Coompanion.

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