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Preschool, age 1-5

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If you have children under the age of six, you can be entitled to child care. Children of parents who are working or studying can receive child care.

Which children receive child care?
Children of parents who are working or studying receive child care.
Children of unemployed and the children of parental leave with younger siblings are entitled to child care 15 hours a week. 

Registration for child care
Notification is made as quickly as possible. The child will get registered with date of birth to get into the queue. Everybody who needs child care within a 4-month period is in the same queue.  
Child care fee
The childcare fee is based on the family's total income. Charge is done 12 months per year.
You are entitled to exemption 4 weeks in a row during the period June-August, providing that which weeks will be notificated no later than 15 th May. The form is sent out.
Give notice to terminate child care
Parents are always required to give notice to terminate their child care site in writing 30 days before the child is expected to leave.

Forms for registration and termination of child care can be found in our forms. The forms are in Swedish, but you can ask for help with filling them in from Anette Lidén (contact informtion to the right). Form can be found in the form gallery (link).

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