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Care and support

Trygg och säker

Most people agree that good health is important. It is also important that we get good care if we get sick.
To get medical advice call +46 90-785 11 77
For Medical Advice, you can call round the clock. You get to speak to an experienced nurse.
In case of emergency call 112
The goal of Norsjö municipality health care is to offer, those who so wish, to live at home and get the service and assistance needed for daily life.
There are different forms of housing for those who, because of disability, are not able to live at home anymore.
Solbacka i Norsjö. 
Solbacka is one of the residential retirement homes in the municipality.

All actions are planned based on the individual's personal needs. Actions are given only if they are asked for. It is an administrator at the municipality office that decides which assistance that will be provided.

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More information:
Staffan Berggren
Head of health and care
Phone: +46 918-141 29
E-mail: staffan.berggren[at]norsjo.se

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