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There are good chances to obtain work in Norsjö, now and in the future.
The municipality is a big employer with continous staffing needs in the future, mainly in the care sector covering health, elderly and disabled care services.
Want to know more about what it's like to work with us?
Please contact:
Lena Andersson, Human Resources Unit
Phone: +46 918 141 64
Norsjö Kommun
Storgatan 67
935 81 Norsjö
Telephone: +46 918-140 00
E-mail: info[at]norsjo.se
In the private sector we have large established companies within refined wood industry and also employment opportunities within the mining industry. There are also many manufacturing and service enterprises.
Norsjö has a big proportion of industrial employees, most of them in the wood industry.
Since Norsjö lies in the very heart of the Golden kingdom, the mining industry continues and important part of the municipality's employment profile.
The tourism has also become more and more significant for employment. 
Please contact the employment agency in Norsjö for more information:
Phone: +46 918-254 00

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