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Move to Norsjö

Välkommen till Norsjö

Norsjö – an attractive municipality with an enterprising spirit where body and soul can catch up!

Thinking of living the good life?!

Are you thinking of making a move to a different location? Then contact Sofie From, at ”Moving-in-service” (contact details to the right).

The county of Norsjö offers newcomers a quality lifestyle in the heart of Västerbottens forest. We boast a safe and secure environment for families and local schooling that is comparable with the very best in Sweden.
For all those that have made the move here there haven’t been any regrets as far as we know. To move home is nothing one does overnight of course; there are many things that need to be considered before making the move, employment, housing, local amenities, council services, local sports clubs and the local social and cultural life.

/Sofie From, “Moving-In-Service”


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For more information contact:
Sofie Persson
Phone: +46 918-141 21
E-mail: sofie.from[at]norsjo.se

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